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Proud of our past… committed to our future.

H&D Wealth Ltd can trace its history back to 1879 when Harris & Dixon became one of the first independent Lloyds Brokers but the long history of the company actually dates back to 1797, meaning that, way back in 1997, we celebrated 200 years in business!

Since then, H&D have changed a lot but we have always kept one eye on our past, whilst we plan for and celebrate our future. The same is reflected in our offices, with our advisers having an average of 20 years experience working with clients to establish their financial freedom. Our dedication to new technologies and training though, ensures that traditional values meet new world technology to ensure we provide clients with the very highest levels of service.

Key dates in our History

1797  Goland Burton formed
1801   Joined Lloyd’s of London
1810   John Tindall Harris joined the company. Name changed to Burton & Bentley
1830   James Dixon joined the company
1842   Bentley, Harris & Dixon
1846   Harris & Dixon
1855   Dixon, Harris & Angier
1861   Dixon & Harris
1880   Harris & Dixon
1902   Harris & Dixon Ltd
1919   Purchased by Viscount Wimborne
1978   Harris & Dixon (Insurance Brokers) Ltd
1987   Management Buy out to form H&D Financial Services Ltd
2013   Name change to H&D Wealth Ltd and office relocation