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Wealth Planning

The H&D Wealth approach to financial planning and wealth management is focused on understanding you and your goals. Working alongside you over the long term to turn those goals into reality, securing your financial future.

To us, individuals come before the details of your pension schemes and investments. We want to understand where you are in life, where you want to get to and how you see your journey. Only then can we begin to carry out the practicalities of best managing your money.

Our approach from this point onwards is to work closely with you, understanding your requirements, your approach to risk and financial planning. We combine everything we have learned about how you see money with our expertise in the logistics of wealth management.

Closely monitoring any changes in your approach, we reflect the same changes in your portfolio, keeping your money aligned to your life aims.

Our services and approach extends to using comprehensive financial planning software to help model your financial future. This also allows us to look at different scenarios such as early retirement or purchasing a second home, and understanding how these may affect your future financial situation.  Allowing you to make informed decisions in planning your financial future.